Mediterranean inspiration

Earthy, fragrant, and blooming with rustic charm, this shoot was inspired by the promise of herb-infused feasts and laid-back celebrations. Authentically down-to-earth yet timelessly elegant, simplicity is key. Featuring natural tones in a relaxed setting, with a special focus on contrasting textures and pops of greenery, delicious figs, artichokes and - my favorite - rosemary.

Lakeside spring couple session

From the first minute we met, it was clear that the two not only have the kindest personalities (from the inside they are just as beautiful as they are from the outside) - no, they are also super FUNNY. If I had to summarize the time I got to spend with Raphaela and Steven in three words, I'd say 'easy', 'light' and 'effortless'.

Family time in Italy

To be honest, I never thought that going to a club for vacation would be for me. Ever. In fact, my idea of a perfect holiday involves a backpack, hiking boots and happens off the beaten tracks (perhaps concluded with a little spa day in a lovely hotel where I can rest my blistered feet and get my sore muscles massaged). You get my point. 🙂 But a club??

The Girl with a Pearl Earring

Overlooking the neighboring harbor, this shoot was inspired by age-old tales of seafarers, traders, and the ultimate ocean-borne luxury: pearls. The wedding dress in motion brings to mind a barefoot bride, walking through the shallow waves at low tide, her dress rippling in her wake. The colour palette is white-on-pearl with a focus on simplicity and minimalism. A romantic yet thoroughly modern shoot for any bride-to-be.