Sky above, sand below, peace within…

I'll never forget that day I spent with my wonderful friend Nadine (actually one of the most important people in the world for me!) and her gorgeous family at the beach of Timmendorfer Strand. Of course I had my camera with me, as it's so rare that we get to spend time together; simply because we live so far apart. But all our plans seemed to fall flat the minute we arrived at the sea side and the thunder started. Sheets of rain literally came down sideways and all we could do was to wait it out under the eaves of a little hut - if I remember that correctly that was the public toilet ...not so romantic 🙂

Lakeside spring couple session

From the first minute we met, it was clear that the two not only have the kindest personalities (from the inside they are just as beautiful as they are from the outside) - no, they are also super FUNNY. If I had to summarize the time I got to spend with Raphaela and Steven in three words, I'd say 'easy', 'light' and 'effortless'.